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Political decoy

Duck Dynasty star not running for Congress


  Last week, the "Washington Secrets" column on the Washington Examiner's website floated an interesting if implausible tale about "key Republican operatives" seeking to run Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson for the Louisiana 5th District House seat being vacated by Rep. Rodney Alexander.

  "GOP officials said while there is an interest in getting Robertson to run, they doubted that they can get him to leave his TV and CEO perch," columnist Paul Bedard wrote. "Others said that Washington is often too fast to reach out to celebrities because they often turn out to be poor candidates."

  The story was discussed nationally, despite the fact not one "GOP official" was named in Bedard's whole story. Within 48 hours, Robertson appeared on Fox News to deny he would run. Completely coincidentally, Duck Dynasty began its fourth season last week as well. — Kevin Allman

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