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McAllister’s campaign website shows Arkansas river, not Louisiana

Least of the week's problems for the kissin' congressman



  In all the drama last week over U.S. Rep. Vance McAllister, R-Swartz, and the "kiss tape" showing him making out with a married staffer, one amusing detail escaped the national press — but not Buzzfeed writer Andrew Kaczynski, who pointed out that the bucolic image of the Ouachita River that's the background on McAllister's campaign website actually was an image of the river in Arkansas, not McAllister's own north Louisiana.

  It was mildly reminiscent of a similar photographic gaffe by Kimberly Williamson Butler, former Mayor Ray Nagin's chief deputy, who ran for mayor in 2006 (and made her campaign announcement while surrendering on an arrest warrant for contempt of court). Butler's campaign website showed her standing in front of a gently curving French Quarter street. A curving street in the Quarter? It was actually the New Orleans Square attraction at Disneyland.

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