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Pat Hazell and Steve Kelley


We've been down this road before with Pat Hazell and Steve Kelley, and the road back usually includes a pulled muscle or two thanks to the little laugh riots they create. Whether it's in The Good Humor Men or Bunk Bed Brothers (pictured, with Hazell at left oppose William Ragsdale), this comic pair that comprise the Good Humor Men comedy troupe know how to get a laugh. You may recall or Hazell's original stage comedy The Wonder Bread Years and Kelley's work as a nationally syndicated political cartoonist for The Times-Picayune. They both also share in common the ability to score appearances on The Tonight Show and have appeared in comedy clubs around the nation. And just when we've needed to laugh the most, they have concocted this holiday show that, according to Le Chat's Barbara Motley, is clean enough for a broad range of ears. Proceeds will benefit Le Chat staffers who are still reeling from the storm. Tickets $25; no drink credit included this time.

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