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Passenger Rail to Baton Rouge


  State Rep. Michael Jackson, an independent from Baton Rouge, says there's a renewed interest in the proposed passenger rail from Red Stick to New Orleans. Jackson, chairman of a work group exploring the idea, says the Capital Region Legislative Delegation is putting its weight behind a $200,000 line item for the "UNO Value Capture Funding Study," which reportedly would help identify funding sources and address some feasibility issues. But first, the governor and others need to be convinced that it belongs in the upcoming budget. "The Capital Region Legislative Delegation will reach out to our colleagues in the Orleans and Jefferson delegations to ensure this funding gets introduced and makes it through the process so that we can capitalize on the study completed by Burke Kleinpeter and achieve the major goal of this group: figuring out how to fund the passenger rail," Jackson wrote in a recent email to fellow members of his work group. — Jeremy Alford

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