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Palace Café closes Aug. 15 for major renovations, temperature lunches will still be offered at other Dickie Brennan restaurants



  Palace Cafe (605 Canal St., 504-523-1661; will close Aug. 15 for major renovations, including the addition of a second floor bar and a new kitchen. The upstairs bar will have more of a "lounge feel," will offer a small plates menu and include a charcuterie kitchen, owners say. Construction on the project is estimated to take 45 days. Palace Cafe's summertime special "temperature lunches" will be offered at Tableau (616 St. Peter St., 504-934-3463;, Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse (716 Iberville St., 504-522-2467; and Bourbon House (144 Bourbon St., 504-522-0111; from Aug. 17 through Labor Day.

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