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Outstanding 2006 Campaign Fines


  Some candidates who ran for city offices four years ago still owe fines for late campaign finance disclosure reports, according to the Louisiana Board of Ethics. They include Republican Douglas A. Castro, who allegedly owes $8,500 for late reports after his head-to-head primary loss to Clerk of Civil District Court Dale N. Atkins. The ethics board also says two former candidates in the 2006 race for the City Council District A seat (won by Shelley Midura) still owe outstanding fines. Republican Salvador "Sal" Palmisano III, who finished third in a field of eight, owes $660 for two late filings, and David Nowak, no party, finished last and owes the state $120, according to ethics board records. In the wake of the 2006 mayoral primary, three Democratic candidates who garnered less than 100 votes each now face hefty fines for late campaign finance reports: Shedrick C. White, $12,000; Elvin D. Brown, $2,100; and Sonja "Lady" DeDais, $3,100. Finally, Robert Murray owes $23,800 in fines for late reports from unsuccessful campaigns for clerk of criminal court in 2006 and for the House District 91 seat in 2007. — Allen Johnson Jr.

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