Where to Lunch During Orleans Parish Jury Duty

Lee's Seafood Grill is less than a block from Criminal District Court.
  • Lee's Seafood Grill is less than a block from Criminal District Court.

If you're picked for a jury, the court buys your lunch. You're on your own while waiting in the jury pool or during voir dire. Here's the skinny on what's available near Tulane and Broad when the clock is ticking — listed by distance from the court.

C&E Café

Criminal Court, first floor, 2700 Tulane Ave., 658-9123

The court's in-house cafeteria is convenient but this tiny grill backs up as soon as jury panels are released for lunch en masse. Grab a basic burger, po-boy or club sandwich. Inside courthouse.

Lee's Seafood Grill

2800 Tulane Ave., 344-4017

Once the exquisitely named Café Verdict, this new joint has a hot food line and lots of grilled seafood for po-boys or salads. Less than one block.

Quicky's Discount

2701 Tulane Ave., 822-8977

The deli at this convenience store is stocked with fried everything — from chicken to boudin balls to corn, all under the lurid light of heat lamps. Less than one block.

Liberty's Kitchen

422 S. Broad St., 822-4011;

A nonprofit teaching cafe with fresh preparations, interesting specials and a coffee bar. By far the best nearby option when you have the time. One block.

Broad & Banks Seafood

342 S. Broad St., 309-7971

The extensive hot food line has a mix of Asian and Creole soul dishes ready to scoop and serve. Shrimp pasta and the bargain gumbo are good options. One block.

Banks Meat Market

325 S. Broad St., 301-9171

A very large po-boy for very little money is the calling card of this meat market's deli. One block.

Ideal Food Market

250 S. Broad St., 822-8861

A Hispanic grocery with a grill in the back for pupusas and fresh plate lunches.

Two blocks.

Eat-Well Food Store

2700 Canal St., 821-7730

When you have time, this store is worth the stroll for banh mi and pho to go. Four blocks.

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