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Orbiting Sun Ra



Little big band Planet D Nonet hails from the musical mecca of Detroit, and it includes veterans of Motor City jazz, blues, and rock bands who play songs ranging from jump blues and early swing to far-out early rhythm and blues. The Snug Harbor concert promises to be more straightforward, but the Zeitgeist gig will feature the music of Sun Ra, the great composer, bandleader, philosopher and all-out madman. Planet D's We Travel the Spaceways: The Music of Sun Ra shows it learned well from playing with various members of the Sun Ra Arkestra, including Marshall Allen, John Gilmore and Michael Ray. Planet D can do the cool, slightly skewed 1950s Sun Ra and then take your mind to the furthest reaches of outer space with the wild horns and furious rhythms of his 1960s and '70s repertoire. Many band members had their lives reconfigured from listening to his music. You could be next. Tickets $20 at Snug Harbor, $10 at Zeitgeist. — David Kunian

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