Opposing Teams


It's easy to find a place to watch games with fellow Saints fans, but where do followers of other teams go?

  Visiting NFL fans often collect at French Quarter bars. Ryan's Irish Pub was the site of a large gathering of New York Jets fans on the eve of the team's October visit to the Superdome. Fans in green jerseys overflowed into the street and blocked the intersection.

  But local residents who cheer for other teams have options, too. The best plan is to find a bar with many screens, accept that the Saints will be on most of them and discreetly watch your game of choice. Cooter Brown's Tavern in the Riverbend is well-suited for blending into the crowd. Large screen TVs line almost every wall, and besides football, there will be rugby, hockey, soccer and other sports on some of them. Just get there early, ask which screen your game will be on and stake out a seat nearby. No one has to know who you are rooting for, and you might even find fellow fans. —

Alejandro de los Rios

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