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Jindal travels to Europe, returns for Baton Rouge prayer rally



  Louisiana's peripatetic governor is at it again. Bobby Jindal just returned from Iowa — the early-caucus state that's a must-visit for any potential presidential candidate — where he gave an exclusive interview to the Des Moines Register on Jan. 6. Jindal soon was packing again for a 10-day European tour that his office termed an "economic development trip."

  "Louisiana has an amazing story to tell and the tools to attract companies from around the world," Jindal said in a statement issued by his office. The governor will travel to Germany, England and Switzerland. He was scheduled to leave for Europe Jan. 11 and return Jan. 20.

  That will put him back in his home state just in time for "The Revival," the Jan. 24 prayer rally he has scheduled at LSU's Pete Maravich Assembly Center. That event will be staged by the American Family Association, a fundamentalist group that the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled a hate group because of its stance on LGBT issues. Speaking to evangelicals in Iowa, Jindal said, "I genuinely, sincerely, passionately believe that America's in desperate need of a spiritual revival," adding, "That's where we are as a country — we have tried everything and now it is time to turn back to God."

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