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Olu Dara


I could tell you that Olu Dara is the hippest cat in the universe. Or that he's the father of rapper Nas. I could try to explain how he plays pocket trumpet and guitar and sings with a flow and grace that many envy. His combination of jazz, funk, folk and Caribbean sounds is Southern, unique, celebratory and groovy. But those aren't the best ways to explain how great he is. The first time Dara played Tipitina's, every single one of the bartenders and production staff, who have heard quite a bit of good music, came up to me and shared some variation of 'Who is this guy? He's great!" Never before nor since has that same unanimous reaction happened to me in 1,001 nights at Tipitina's. See for yourself. Tickets $15. — David Kunian

10 p.m. Sat., Sept. 13,

Tipitinas, 501 Napoleon Ave., 895-8477;

  • Erika Goldring

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