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Of Montreal


Kevin Barnes isn't just fond of horseback entrances, gold lamé Speedos and sexually charged space-station disco. He also has a soft spot for the Howlin' Wolf, apparently, and the venue, better known of late as a haven for funk and hard-rock bands, seems to love him back: It's played host to Of Montreal's last two visits to New Orleans, surely the strangest spectacles a fan of Galactic or A Hanging accidentally wandered into. Somehow, constant costume changes, hastily applied body paint and Victorian-era character skits acted out by animals seem natural when accompanied by Barnes' ADHD-afflicted compositions. On each of his last two albums, 2007's Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? and 2008's Skeletal Lamping, the Athens, Ga.-based ex-Elephant Sixer has traveled farther down the rabbit hole of his id, returning with ever-fantastical pop confessionals shot through with graphic admissions ("I'm so sick of sucking the d—k of this cruel, cruel city"). One can only guess what sins of decency False Priest (Polyvinyl), slated for a September release, commits. Atlanta's Noot d'Noot opens; New Orleans' Jean-Eric performs in the addendum Den afterward. Tickets $20. — Noah Bonaparte Pais

May 22

Of Montreal

10 p.m. Saturday

Howlin' Wolf, 907 S. Peters St., 522-9653;

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