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Italian restaurant, Oak Oven to open in February


Oak Oven
  • Chicken Parmagiano

  Oak Oven (6625 Jefferson Highway, Harahan, 504-982-4414;, an Italian restaurant specializing in Neapolitan pizzas and traditional Italian dishes, will open in early February. Executive Chef Adam Superneau says he plans to create a casual neighborhood restaurant offering Italian dishes cooked from scratch using many local ingredients.

  "We have our own land," Superneau says. "We try to get as much as we can locally, from our own land, from different little farmers that we know."

  Superneau has worked at Michelin-starred restaurants in Italy, Commander's Palace, Besh Restaurant Group establishments and Vincent's Italian Cuisine in Metairie. He and partners Thomas Macaluso and John Matassa's families are multigenerational New Orleanians and descendants of Sicilians, and they want that to come across in the food at Oak Oven.

  "We feel like the average person out there is going to be able to come here, and probably for the first time ever in their life, actually eat a real, wood-burning-oven Italian pizza," Superneau says. "Honestly, that's what I'm most excited about, being able to show people that pizza doesn't have to be greasy and heavy and full of fat and make you want to take a nap after you eat one.

  "I think people are gonna be amazed at how good a pizza can be."

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