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Nunsensations! The Nunsense Vegas Review


No one has as much fun on stage as prostitutes and nuns. Think of the joyful corseted floozies in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. In the long run, though, the nuns seem to get the best of the competition. Nunsensations is the seventh convent comedy by Dan Goggin, who baptized the concept in 1984 with the hit Nunsense.

  Nunsensations! The Vegas Nunsense Review is a musical with a bouncy four-piece band and some talented Holy Sisters led by the Reverend Mother (Claire Conti), whom her charges call Rev.

  Sisters Mary Hubert (Brittney James), Robert Anne (Melinda Taliancich Falgoust), Mary Amnesia (Anna Toujas Rosenberg) and Mary Leo (Katie Coplen) are a formidable ensemble of entertainers. To these reverential Rockettes, T and A stands for talent and attitude. There's not a somber or straitlaced moment in the show. "Holy rollers are what we nuns use to curl our hair," remarks one sister. The nuns even give a holy roll to a giant one-armed bandit, giving an audience member a chance at a prize.

  Rev, naturally, is nervous about bringing her devout flock to Sin City, but two things persuade her to take the chance: A parishioner offers to donate $10,000 if they do, and "What plays in Vegas, stays in Vegas!"

  We learn a bit about the wildly eclectic lives of some of the Sisters before they took their vows, but the drama has no real conflicts except resisting the temptations of the outside world. A former boyfriend can pull at the most cloistered of hearts.

  "Uncle" Wayne Daigrepont skillfully directed these shenanigans. Lindsey Price aptly choreographed, and Alan Payne handled the musical direction.

  Nunsensations sounds like a variation on a too-familiar joke, but the writing, music and performances keep the joke refreshingly zany. — Dalt Wonk

Nunsensations! The Nunsense Vegas Review

7:30 p.m. Fri.-Sat., 2 p.m. Sun.

Teatro Wego! Theatre, 177 Sala Ave., Westwego, 885-2000;


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