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Zach Dasher and Rep. Lenar Whitney bash politicians on Twitter

Dasher, Whitney cyberslap politicians


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  Speaking of Zach Dasher: Buzzfeed reporter Andrew Kaczynski poked around Dasher's Twitter account and found that before Dasher was a candidate, he was an online irritant to a couple of powerful Louisiana politicians in his own party: Gov. Bobby Jindal and Sen. David Vitter. In 2013, Dasher twitted Vitter for one of his votes, saying Vitter "failed us on the fiscal cliff," and snapped at Jindal's idea to sell birth control over the counter. "Time to stand up to big government and big Pharma by allowing contraception to be purchased over the counter," Jindal had written, to which Dasher replied, "I'm afraid you misunderstood the election result. Populist rhetoric won't make you president."

  In the 6th District race, it's candidate and current state Rep. Lenar Whitney who's leading the Twitter field in chippy talk. "On twitter I get attacked by libs during daytime hrs, while the rest of America is at work. ... Ironic that Liberals insult us while we are at our jobs, paying for them to sit at home all day and tweet," she noted recently. Another Whitney bon mot: "Somewhere in the White House, @MichelleObama and @BarackObama have teams working in shifts thinking of which hashtag to combat #ISIS with," she wrote, hashtagging ISIS correctly.


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