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At Nordic Kitchens & Baths, dream kitchens and posh bathrooms become reality.
  • At Nordic Kitchens & Baths, dream kitchens and posh bathrooms become reality.

While Nordic Kitchens & Baths' (4437 Veterans Memorial Blvd., 888-2300; showroom depicts the stuff of dreams, owner Randall Shaw says anything that can be imagined can become reality.

  "We like to stay current and on top of the cutting-edge market, and if somebody has seen it, we can do it," Shaw says.

  Shaw credits his team of designers with bringing customers' visions to life. Designers see projects through from conception to birth, making sure every detail meets their customers' specific needs. One such unique creation is an outdoor kitchen complete with a grill and matching outdoor decor. These factors put Nordic Kitchens & Baths outside the realms of "cookie cutter" designs.

  "We're not afraid to go to the extreme when it comes to engineering. We ... have been known to work with metal fabrication shops in order to construct things you wouldn't find (at) other places. We can create anything that anyone can imagine," Shaw says.

  Nordic Kitchens & Baths has long outgrown its original name and vision. The 15-year-old company was first located on Metairie Road and known as Nordic Cabinets. It embarked upon a new journey when it moved to Veterans Memorial Boulevard and became Nordic Kitchens & Baths. Along with these innovations, a defined profile of both the client and the product was beginning to form.


  "We realized we needed to focus more on who our client was and cater more toward them. This led us into the area of mid- to upper-end products. We decided to ... become a little more unique in the type of merchandise we offered," says Shaw as he stands in a showroom full of cutting-edge, contemporary designs that also feature unique and detailed craftsmanship.

  Nordic Kitchens & Baths offers open houses for architects, interior designers and builders to test the capabilities of its appliances. The company guarantees a state-of-the art product and an experience to match.

  "When we're done, we want [customers] to enjoy what we've helped them create and be just as excited as we are. We want them to say 'I love my Nordic Kitchen,'" Shaw says.

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