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NOLA Food Swap at Hollygrove Market & Farm


  This Saturday, Oct. 29, Hollygrove Market & Farm (8301 Olive St., 483-7037; hosts the NOLA Food Swap, a new event for people to show off and trade foods they've harvested themselves or made with their own hands.

  Those who sign up to participate should bring at least five items (or portions, as the case may be), display them on tables and then try sample sizes of others' items to decide what to swap for their goods.

  "It can be just about anything, as long as it's made by you and from scratch," says event organizer Molly Reeder.

  At past events, people have brought duck eggs, herbed ricotta, pecan butter, pickled carrots and daikon radishes, bacon cured with blueberry syrup, lavender cookie dough, granola and berry galettes, and ginger beer.

  Participants get more than just the swapped items they score, Reeder says. They also get to meet like-minded local food enthusiasts, trade tips and techniques and find inspiration for what else they can grow in their gardens or make in their kitchens.

  "New Orleans is such a great city to do this," Reeder says. "We have so much to be proud of here with our food culture, and this is a great way to show it off."

  Hollygrove Market opens at 10 a.m. Saturday, and the swap begins at 1:30 p.m. Registration is free. See

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