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No more breakfast at Brennan's

Cousin shutters French Quarter restaurant

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  What's next for Brennan's? The Royal Street restaurant's building was purchased at auction in May by a company led by local restaurateur Ralph Brennan, and by June 28 the restaurant's operators were evicted. Workers who showed up July 1 found the restaurant shuttered. After that flurry of activity, however, it appears the new owners are taking some time to chart what will happen here next.

  Ralph Brennan is related to the restaurant's previous operators, and he's part of the extended Brennan family that runs many local restaurants through several companies. Branches of the Brennan family underwent a fractious split in the early 1970s, but Ralph Brennan's own experience with the Royal Street restaurant goes back farther than that. In 2008, Brennan published Ralph Brennan's New Orleans Seafood Cookbook, and in a Gambit interview that year, he shared stories about growing up in the restaurant family. He explained the split during that interview succinctly as a "difference in philosophy" between family members (in his cookbook's introduction, he described it as "an unfortunate business dispute within my extended family").

  Whatever happens next, it's unlikely to happen soon. "The ownership group has no definitive plan to announce for the property, and it likely won't for several weeks," says Greg Beuerman, a spokesman for Ralph Brennan. — Ian McNulty


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