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No Matter What, Eddie's Ready


Friends of City Council President Eddie Sapir say the councilman is quietly keeping his options open for the next round of citywide elections -- now less than seven months away.

Sapir plans to do that by helping Mayor Marc Morial as much as he can in Morial's "3-T" effort to change the City Charter and seek a third term, says one Sapir confidant. Sapir is one of Morial's top allies on the Council.

If Morial's "3-T" initiative passes, the mayor and Sapir will continue to be good political friends. If "3-T" fails, Sapir may be positioned to get help from Morial if the councilman decides to enter the mayor's race. Either way, it's a safe play for Sapir, who won his at-large council seat with significant African-American support (including Morial's).

For now, Sapir says he's running for re-election.

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