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Fashionable, comfortable clothing that's easy to care for and affordably priced has always been the creed at the 22-year-old Gae-tana's (7732 Maple St., 865-9625) specialty store for women.

It remains so today, but the staff has honed its skills along the way and expanded the store's offerings to include almost everything a woman needs in her wardrobe, including a range of apparel styles, jewelry, shoes, hair ornaments, handbags and gifts.

Owner Carolyn Billet is dedicated to providing women of all ages -- her customer base ranges from teenagers to college students to 70-year-old women -- with the latest fashions that they can use to expand their existing wardrobe and that will last for a long time.

"Our clothes are always comfortable and easy, things that you don't have to think about too much, and always at good prices," she says, "never anything to dry clean.

"Each season creates a whole set of things people would want and would be in fashion and would be applicable for their wardrobe. We try to coordinate things so that what you bought for one season would go with a new item so you're constantly refurbishing your wardrobe, not putting anything out to pasture except really older things."

Billet doesn't consider Gae-tana's to be a boutique, but rather a small specialty store that provides a range of fashion items for women and a staff that can help customers find the right styles for them. "Service is very important," she says. "We service everyone individually. We want everyone to feel comfortable."

Billet travels to various markets to find just the right items for different age levels. She also makes sure there are always items in the store that everyone can afford, including gift items that start at about $10. Hear Good Things Enjoy entertainment from local talent and support the nonprofit New Orleans Speech and Hearing Center at the same time during a benefit concert by Theresa Andersson and a performance by columnist and humorist Chris Rose, who will read selections from his new book 1 dead in attic. The event begins at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 3, at Le Chat Noir (715 St. Charles Ave.) Tickets are $75, and proceeds benefit the Speech and Hearing Center, a United Way agency. Call 897-2606 for tickets to the benefit.

Gae-tanaÕs believes womenÕs fashions should - look great, be easy to wear and launder and not cost a - fortune.
  • Gae-tanaÕs believes womenÕs fashions should look great, be easy to wear and launder and not cost a fortune.

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