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New Works by Andrew Baird and Margarita Sikorskaia


The head and the body, as portraits and figures, are among the most timeless art world obsessions. The variations are potentially endless. Margarita Sikorskaia's paintings (pictured) are all about passion, romance and, most recently, motherhood. A native of St. Petersburg currently living in Minneapolis, her typically Russian subjects are often full-figured but always lyrical, whimsical participants in the dance of life in all of its ages and stages. In Andrew Baird's very large (5 or 6 feet across) portraits, the dancing is in the brushwork as he drips paint in swirls and squiggles ˆ la Jackson Pollock over sizeable swatches of canvas. Up close, the fifth-generation Colorado native's images seem almost abstract, but then his large, colorful portraits emerge through the chaos. Vibrant patterns of color cause them to intriguingly appear and disappear, actively engaging the viewer in a kind of painterly mirage. -- D. Eric Bookhardt

Through July

Angela King Gallery, 241 Royal St., 524-8211;


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