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New Sculpture: Recent Work by Sylvaine Sancton


After years of visiting this city, noted Parisian artist Sylvaine Sancton now calls New Orleans home. Equally comfortable working with bronze, marble, wood, clay or glass, Sancton is passionate about her materials. 'The nobility of sculpture is the nobility of matter," she says. 'You don't dominate stone, it dominates you ... until it leads you somewhere. It's sort of a marriage between you and the rock, like two beings that come together." In fact, it was marriage that led her to this city in the first place because her husband, noted author and New Orleans native Tom Sancton, had been Time magazine's Paris bureau chief for decades before finally returning home. Beyond materials, Sancton cites anthropological accounts of Brazil's Amazon jungle among her inspirations. In that sense at least, she should feel quite at home in Louisiana. — D. Eric Bookhardt

Through December

Cole Pratt Gallery, 3800 Magazine St., 891-6789;


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