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New Orleans-style iced coffee goes national


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  New Orleans-style iced coffee is enjoying a moment both nationally and locally, with companies releasing take-home versions. The New Orleans-style iced coffee from Oakland, California-based artisanal roaster and latte-art wunderkind Blue Bottle ( is now available in San Francisco and New York grocery stores in an adorable small, twee milk carton-style box. Not to be outdone, PJ's Coffee ( released an iced coffee concentrate, which can be used to craft coffee drinks at home.

  Blue Bottle's chicory-heavy New Orleans iced coffee is cold brewed for 18 hours with organic chicory and has become the most popular of the company's coffee creations. The PJ's take, which uses a cold-drip process, is less acidic than other blends.

  "As the pioneer of the cold drip process, we've perfected our 24-hour cold-brew technique, resulting in a higher-quality product that is significantly less acidic than traditional hot coffee," says PJ's roast master Felton Jones.

  The concentrate is available at all PJ's locations. No word on if the Blue Bottle variety will ever arrive in its namesake town.


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