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New Orleans' scariest Halloween costumes of 2017


Paralyzed with indecision about what to wear to this year's Halloween parties? Take a tip from the headlines. Any of these costumes should send your friends shrieking in horror — that is, if your friends are from New Orleans.

Clogged Catch Basin

Sexy Sen. John Neely Kennedy

Cassidy-Graham Health Plan

Fake Subpoena

Trader Joe's Parking Lot

Turbine Fire

Failed Pumps

Bourbon Street Construction Crew

Frank Scurlock's Uber Driver

Sidney Torres

Traffic Camera, But It's a Vampire


Mitch Landrieu in Aspen

Arcade Fireman

Unlicensed Short-Term Rental

Brain-Eating Amoeba

A Dead Horse (With A Sign That Says "The Falcons Blew a 25-Point Lead") Comments Section

Boil Advisory

Ghost of Hubig's Pies

Out-of-Season King Cake

Escaped "Dollar Bill" Jefferson

Mike Yenniwise the Clown

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