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New Orleans Radio 101

Kick out the jams during traffic jams



WWNO 89.9

Spin: The New Orleans NPR affiliate and go-to for a rainy day's worth of classical music.

Playlist: This American Life, Fresh Air, perfectly named correspondents, Garrison Keillor's stereo-ruining baritone.

WWOZ 90.7

Spin: The volunteer-run O-Z — "bringing New Orleans music to the universe" — broadcasts from the Quarter.

Playlist: "Burn, K-Doe, Burn," Records from the Crypt with Billy Delle, bluegrass, zydeco, and infinite, head-spinning free jazz jams.

WTUL 91.5

Spin: Broadcasting from Tulane University's campus, T-U-L is the city's progressive radio hub.

Playlist: New independent music, avant-garde electronic music and horribly pronounced concert schedules.

WRKN 92.3

Spin: "Modern rock" still exists on the far end of the dial.

Playlist: Nu-metal, mall metal, bands with numbers in their names.

WQUE 93.3

Spin: New Orleans hip-hop reigns supreme at Q93, followed by Dirty South neighbors and popular rap and R&B artists.

Playlist: "Ya boy" Wild Wayne, weekend bounce parties.

WTIX 94.3

Spin: Golden Oldies — broadcast from Clearview Mall.

Playlist: Beatles Thursdays, real soul, Nuggets, and pitch-perfect barbershop station identifications.

WKBU 95.7

Spin: Also known as "The Bayou" it's probably your dad's favorite radio station.

Playlist: Selections range from AC/DC to Zebrahead.

WWL 105.3

Spin: Morning and afternoon news spinners and New Orleans Saints play-by-play with Jim Henderson and Hokie Gajan.

Playlist: Garland Robinette, Spud McConnell, Deke Bellavia — where else will you get social commentary from guys with names like that?

KKND 102.9

Spin: Belle Chasse's station for "nonstop hip-hop and R&B," Duck Off emcees, and talk-free commute jams.

Playlist: Local and mainstream hip-hop and the occasional throwback.

KVDU 104.1

Spin: The "Voodoo" says it's Gen-X, but it plays like your boy-girl parties' greatest (or most embarrassing) hits.

Playlist: Sugar Ray, Montel Jordan and other earworms eternally burned into your brain.

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