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New Orleans Nightscapes: Photographs by Frank Relle


Frank Relle once said that he found photography on a lake in Maine and lost it in the bright lights and darkrooms of New York City. But then the New Orleans native found it all over again on the nocturnal streets of his hometown, in his extended time exposures of moldering old houses bathed in the eerie glow of sodium and mercury vapor street lights and the ghostly luminosity of the humid night sky. So what began as therapy for an artist burned out on the New York ad biz eventually became a calling and a mission, as well as his stock in trade. He's just 31 years old and his Nightscapes appear in numerous public and private collections including the Ogden Museum of Southern Art and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. " D. Eric Bookhardt

Through Jan. 13

Terrence Sanders Gallery, 936 Royal St., 558-3960


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