New Orleans cocktail trends

Anne Berry & Will Coviello on what you’ll be drinking next



A generation of New Orleans bartenders has cultivated new drinks and tastes.

At Tales of the Cocktail — the bar industry's premier conference for bartenders — mixologists, spirits writers and liquor producers from around the globe discuss bar trends, spirits and the latest drinks.

1.) Party mix:
How New Orleans bartenders are cultivating new tastes

2.) Curing the shakes:
Chris Hannah of Arnaud’s French 75 bottles his Ramos gin fizz

3.)What’s cool:
Snowball-inspired and creative ice drinks

4.)Baijiu boogaloo:
Meet the world’s most consumed spirit, virtually unknown in America

5.) Snookered:
A veteran bartender and actor on how bartenders deal with drunks — nicely

6.)Women behind bars:
Women bartenders talk gender politics in cocktailing

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