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New for you: Spain's Hinds is at One Eyed Jacks March 21

The Spanish garage-pop band plays with Albert Hammond Jr.



All-female garage-pop bands don't come roaring out of Madrid every year. (Or, maybe they do and just don't make it west of Lisbon.) That alone makes Hinds — hungover, BC Powdered singers Carlotta Cosials and Ana Perrote battling a scaffolded rhythm section in a ramshackle Houdini act just to stay upright — an outfit worthy of your attention. Or not — they don't seem to care. Their hair-of-the-perro debut, 2016's Leave Me Alone (Mom + Pop), followed a cheeky compilation EP titled Very Best of Hinds So Far (it compiled all six of their singles). Several reappeared, like sniffed-and-shrugged second-day clothing, on Leave Me Alone, whose primary surprise was that less-polished demos could possibly exist. From the sound of 2018 follow-up I Don't Run, practice has made them even more imperfect: shout-spoken K Records callback "New For You" is a bleary-voiced, boombox-in-the-air redemption song, and "The Club" evokes a Parquet Courts-scored Sadie Hawkins at which the girls leave all the boys on the sidelines. Sorry, Albert Hammond Jr. — your new solo album Francis Trouble (Red Bull) is catchier than anything you've done with The Strokes since Room on Fire, but you're still dancing on your own. Tickets $16. At 9 p.m. Wednesday. One Eyed Jacks, 615 Toulouse St., (504) 569-8361;

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