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Website for fake restaurant N:eaux appears after Gambit’s April Fool’s Day food review



  In the March 31 issue of Gambit, we printed a review of a Bywater restaurant called n:eaux, and many of our savvy readers (correctly) sniffed an April Fool's stunt. The restaurant supposedly demanded that diners not make reservations but apply online for a dining invitation. It served over-the-top cocktails with a pricey artisanal ice cube selection. There were deconstructed dishes with lettuce foam, kale galore, shared utensils and a Bitcoin payment system.

  Last week, someone else took up the joke. The website claims to represent such a restaurant — with "Real Chefs and Real Celebs" — and there is a page on which prospective diners can apply for admittance into the in-the-neaux inner circle. It helpfully prompts applicants to supply their New Orleans, New York, San Francisco or Akron, Ohio, area code. I applied to dine at n:eaux. As of press time, I was apparently not worthy of dining at the imitation fake restaurant.

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