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Narrative: Artist/writer collaborations featuring Shawn Hall, Brad Elliot, Brad Benischek and Berman Black


It's been said that pictures tell stories, but it's also true that poetry can have a meaningful relationship with paintings. Or so it seems at the new Antenna Gallery, where Brad Elliot's verse dangles like cotton balls from a stylized tree made up of Shawn Hall's watercolors of candles, keys, hearts and flowers, images that suggest everything while specifying nothing in particular. Nearby, Brad Benischek's drawings of cars, dancing bears, pugilists and errant utility knives are interwoven with Berman Black's reflections on recovery workers including wily Mexican plumbers, obsessive-compulsive sheetrock installers, the tile guy who lost his son in Iraq and the toothless woman who borrowed a hammer and never gave it back. Such is life in a storm-battered land where poets wield drills, not quill pens. — D. Eric Bookhardt

Through May 15

Antenna Gallery, 3161 Burgundy St., 813-4848


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