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This Brooklyn-based duo blends electro-clash, hip-hop, folk and pop on Renegade Geeks (Mutiny Zoo), Mad Happy's second album. Like MC Trachiotomy -- with whom Mad Happy has shared gigs -- there's a slightly complex aesthetic at work, one that has as much to do with theater as it does with music. Reports are that the CDs don't do justice to the charisma and fun of Rivka and Mike iLL live, but Renegade Geeks hints strongly at it. "File 2 the Metal" opens with a quote from Generation X's "Ready Steady Go" before settling into a sing-song verse that's infectious, even if it recalls an Eminem melody. Like Eminem, Mad Happy seems to have contemplated the racial issues connected with white rappers, and the band members' solution is to sound like the utopian pranksters they are. Their political statement is to "Paint it Pink," the "it" in this case being the White House, and the title cut is their rallying cry, "dedicated to the underground freaks / hardcore hippies and renegade freaks." Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth of Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club fame produced almost half of the album, so perhaps it's no surprise that the album has some of the couple's good-naturedness. Call club for cover.

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