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M.O.T.O. with Missing Monuments and Die Rotzz


What does 30 years in the music business get you? For Paul Caporino, author of hundreds of genius pop songs under the shape-shifting guise of M.O.T.O. (Masters of the Obvious), the reward for three decades of creative perseverance came in the form of a royalty check from CD Baby — for $11.05. "Whoopee," he wrote recently on his blog. "That'll take care of the beer and maybe some food." It's something of a cosmic zinger, considering that Caporino once railed against the compact disc, releasing his lo-fi, potty-mouthed and more-often-than-not unimpeachable material on home-recorded cassettes (many of which are still available direct from the artist). Last month, Caporino returned to his hometown to reconvene M.O.T.O.'s original lineup, completing a wayward journey that started in 1987, bringing him from New Orleans to Boston to Chicago to Providence, R.I., and back. To those who say you can't go home again, Caporino has an answer. It's loud, two minutes and 33 seconds long and titled "Flipping You Off With Every Finger of My Hand." King Louie's Missing Monuments and Die Rotzz open. Tickets $5. — Noah Bonaparte Pais

March 13

M.O.T.O. with Missing Monuments and Die Rotzz

9 p.m. Sat.,

Circle Bar, 1032 St. Charles Ave., 588-2616

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