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Momma's Man


Momma's Man is an unconventional chick-flick for women who worry and frequently hash out with girlfriends whether they are actually in a relationship with a boy in man's clothing, who really would prefer to be taken care of by his mother. (Fans of poet Robert Bly's Iron Man may enjoy this as well.) In spite of its obvious name and premise, director Azazel Jacobs' indie film is sensitive but spare and not overbearing. Baby-faced Mikey is a relatively new father visiting his parents in New York City, and he just can't seem to leave the nest a second time, despite his wife's frequent phone calls inquiring what's happening. Sleeping in his old bedroom starts a nostalgia trip into his high school years when he played guitar and read comics. He tracks down old friends and even rekindles a curiosity about a former girlfriend. He savors his teen years of independence without responsibility. In a funny and discordant scene, a recently incarcerated friend flushing and sweating out traces of drugs works out to, sings and proclaims as his inspiration the Indigo Girls' song 'Closer to Fine." Jacobs ably communicates everything without overtly discussing Mikey's fears, which maybe is comforting when you consider he cast his own mother as one of Mikey's well-intentioned but coddling parents. Tickets $8 general admission, $6 CAC and New Orleans Film Fest members. — Will Coviello

7:30 p.m. Tue., Nov. 11

Contemporary Arts Center, 900 Camp St., 528-3800; or


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