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Mojo, the auburn dachshund at jewelry store and watch repair shop Hyme Tyme (800 Metairie Road, Suite U, Metairie, 833-7069; is good at keeping time all on his own. "He knows when it's time to leave, he perks up and is ready to go," says owner Jaime Parellada. Ever the lazy dog, Mojo won't rouse from his slumber until the very moment that it's time to go.

  After the loss of his previous dachshund (also named Mojo), Parellada wasn't sure he wanted another dog, but a friend suggested he check out the popular site That's where he found the current Mojo, also know as Mojo 2. "He's such a sweet dog," says employee Tammye Gill. "It was a lucky day for both of them, when he came to live (here)." Parellada says Mojo, who is a little over 2 years old, is a mix between a standard and a miniature dachshund.

  Mojo keeps to himself and stays out of the way at work, except when he sunbathes in front of the door. "That's where people walk in, and that's where he sits," Parellada says. "He'll move slowly, but he'll move." Mojo is so mellow, in fact, customers often overlook him while he's sleeping in his bed. "It's funny because people will come in and (say), 'Where's the dog?' and it's like, 'You just passed him up,'" Parellada says.

  Mojo will, however, make it known when he needs to go out for a walk. He likes to take control of the leash by holding it in his mouth. "He actually takes you for a walk," Parellada says.

  Unobtrusive but certainly not aloof, Mojo welcomes both human and canine visitors. People come by daily just to visit Mojo and give him a treat. "We even have other pets that come in," Gill says. "They bring the pets in to socialize, and they'll come in and play." One of Mojo's close pals, a basset hound named Leonard, or Lenny, comes by often, but may have ulterior motives. "Leonard would come to the door because they used to always get treats," Gill says. "So Leonard would actually just come for the treat," Parellada adds, laughing.


  An Old Metairie mainstay since 1993, Hyme Tyme has been in its current location since 1997. Parel lada has a degree in civil engineering and a passion for working with his hands. A desire to explore the inner workings of timepieces and learn how to keep them working properly inspired him to open the shop. The store specializes in jewelry and watch repair and sells jewelry, including engagement rings and custom pieces.

  Hyme Tyme also has a collection of unique clocks in varying shapes and motifs, which include animals, hearts and wine bottles. There is even a dachshund-shaped clock, appropriately dubbed "The Mojo." "One of our biggest sellers is the Mojo clock," Gill says, "which we're out of currently."

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