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Mitch Landrieu by the Numbers


  The scope of Mayor-elect Mitch Landrieu's landslide victory in the Feb. 6 primary is reflected in a set of numbers crunched by demographer Greg Rigamer of GCR and Associates. According to Rigamer, Landrieu carried every precinct in the city except one — Ward 9, Precinct 45A, which is the eastern-most precinct in town (and the largest in terms of land mass); it encompasses the Rigolets and other swampy environs. Even there, Landrieu lost by only one vote — to John Georges, who won a plurality of 12 votes to Landrieu's 11. (A total of 31 votes were cast in that precinct, which was inundated during Hurricane Katrina.) Citywide, voter turnout was a paltry 32.5 percent. Among black voters, it was 28.2 percent; among white voters, 44 percent. The city's electorate is 61 percent African American, 31 percent white, and 7 percent "other races." A total of 88,938 votes were cast on Election Day and in early voting, which is roughly 21,000 fewer than were cast in the 2006 primary, held less than eight months after Katrina. Landrieu got 58,276 votes on Feb. 6, which is nearly 27,000 more than he got in the 2006 primary — and more than 4,000 votes more than he got in the head-to-head runoff against Mayor Ray Nagin in May 2006. Rigamer's analysis shows that Landrieu captured almost 70 percent of the white vote and more than 62 percent of the black vote on Feb. 6, and that he carried all five City Council districts with tallies ranging from 60.6 percent in District E to 69.9 percent in District B. — Clancy DuBos

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