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Minimal and Abstract Paintings: New Work by Terrence Sanders


It's a rare art show that occurs one night only in a private home on an island in Gentilly. This event features 16 bright and bold new works by Terrence Sanders commissioned by Dr. Joseph Swider to complement the spacious lines of his newly renovated abode, a 20th century classic designed by acclaimed New Orleans modernist Albert Ledner. Christened the 'Cointreau House," it features light fixtures crafted from Cointreau liqueur bottles, a pop touch that turns up in different forms in several of Ledner's domestic designs including Mayor Ray Nagin's 'Ashtray House" across the street (so-named for the line of glass ashtrays imbedded in the upper facade). Famous for his mid-century high-rises in New York, Ledner's local residences are considered well-kept secrets " especially if located on the highly visible yet rarely visited islet in Bayou St. John known as Park Island. — D. Eric Bookhardt

8 pm — midnight Sat., Dec. 8

Dr. Joseph Swider's "Cointreau House," 9 Park Island Drive, 558-3960


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