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Mike Spears Runs for U.S. Senate


  Lafayette Web entrepreneur Mike Spears got plenty of statewide ink and radio time last week when he announced his candidacy for David Vitter's U.S. Senate seat. The former Louisiana National Guardsman told Gambit he was inspired by the Tea Party movement and was running on a campaign of conservative values and strict constitutionalism as an independent, meaning his name will appear only on the Nov. 2 general election ballot.

  Omitted from Spears' campaign website was his other career as the self-styled "Dog Designer," creator of high-end custom canine furniture and fashions "fitting for any dog's home, personality and lifestyle." His company, Molle Tache, offers Spears' handmade items such as a four-poster dog bed with a crystal chandelier ($18,000) and canine clothing lines with names like "The Little Socialite Collection" and "Lace Formal."

  Spears laughed when Gambit asked about this unusual career. "All that stuff sort of died when the recession hit," he says. "I recognized I didn't have the time or resources to put into that venture." As for the statement on Molle Tache's website that Spears hoped to become the "host of a wildly popular dog style and fashion TV program," the candidate says his reality-show goals have been abandoned as well in favor of politics. "Our original launch and press conference generated a lot of stir," he says. "I have seen a lot of commentary from strong Vitter supporters, and the feeling is: 'Finally. Wow. We have a choice.'" — Kevin Allman

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