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Menomena with Megafaun


When MENSA gets around to hiring a house band, Portland, Ore., audio collagists Menomena (pronounced as the Muppets would) should get the right of first refusal. Danny Seim, Justin Harris and Brent Knopf, who recently left the band, had habitually been the smartest guys in the club, scrambling record titles into anagrams (the first Menomena album: I Am the Fun Blame Monster!), crafting liner notes as hand-animated flipbooks and using proprietary software to digitally loop recordings (personalized under the Kubrickesque rubric Deeler). But their most impressive achievement may be making cerebral rock that hits closer to the thorax. On Barsuk releases Friend and Foe (2007) and Mines (2010), the band seemed to be speaking its own amalgamated musical language: one that's as catchy as pop, as glitchy as electronica, as classy as classical and as spazzy as free jazz. Swapping instruments and vocals onstage, they melt mountainous layered crescendos into river rapids of piano and punctuate round-robin harbingers of doom with a trombone's nose-blown punch line. Megafaun opens. Tickets $12 in advance, $15 at the door. — Noah Bonaparte Pais

March 15

Menomena with Megafaun

9 p.m. Tuesday

Republic, 828 S. Peters St., 528-8282;

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