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Gambit's Men of Style Awards: The Winners



The Rubensteins Men's Style Awards began with a question: Who are the most stylish men in New Orleans? We posed that query to you, our readers, and received more than 70 nominations. Our panel of judges (musician Jeremy Davenport, Allison Marshall of Rubensteins, Gambit publisher and CEO Margo DuBos and me) narrowed it down to 10 finalists and then put the final decision in our readers' capable hands. More than 2,000 votes poured in. Without further ado, here are the three gentlemen you voted Men of Style. I tip my hat to these individuals — and to those who voted for them — for their unerring taste. — Missy Wilkinson

John Stephens

Interior Designer at John Stephens Design (

"I consider the essence of style to be appropriateness in every occasion while still representing yourself in the best possible light. I don't follow fashion but am enamored with classic style: Cary Grant and Gary Cooper are two men I consider style icons. I shop at a variety of places and have found pieces integral to my wardrobe at places ranging from Target to Rubensteins. I describe my style as classic with an edge — much like the city I now call home."

On John: Ermenegildo Zegna French cuff dress shirt, $285, Tracey Mayer antique Chinese coin cufflinks, $500, both at Rubensteins (102 St. Charles Ave., 581-6666; John's own gray cashmere trousers by Ralph Lauren, Jack Victor blazer and gold silk Brooks Brothers tie. On the cover: John's own navy velvet smoking jacket from Brooks Brothers, Imperial blue velvet slippers by Prada and navy paisley socks by Polo Ralph Lauren. Ballin flat-front dress slack, $195, Ermenegildo Zegna French cuff dress shirt, $285, both at Rubensteins.

Brennan Manuel

Fashion Designer, Camrich Mann

"My style is what I call relaxed elegance; you don't want to be uncomfortable in an effort to be stylish. The essence of style is a three-headed Hydra: knowing what looks good on your body, confidence and wearing clothes appropriate for the weather. Being a designer used to inform my style, as I would try to interpret certain looks I saw on the runway. However, now I'm more influenced by my own ideas and stylish people I see on the street. New Orleans' style can go from quirky to bohemian to affluent Uptown and everything in between. There's a lot of potential here."

On Brennan: Paul Smith gray five-pocket pants, $265, Forsyth plaid shirt, $105, Paul Smith henley, $265, Hugo Boss slim cashmere top coat, $875, J Shoes wingtip boots, $235, all from Rubensteins.

Michael May

Jewelry specialist at Saks Fifth Avenue

"My style has a European influence. I'm not afraid to mix pieces and patterns. Once those pieces are combined, tailoring is key. Most of my days are spent in a suit, and a well-tailored suit goes a long way. By working in a luxury department store, I get to see the current trends, and I have access to the key pieces, because they're all around me. Being original and being able to coordinate pieces from everywhere into one cohesive look is the essence of style, and health and fitness are a huge part of personal style. Looking great and feeling great go hand in hand."

On Michael: Paul Smith slim-cut herringbone suit, $1,500, Ralph Lauren slim fit white dress shirt, $275, Ermenegildo Zegna tie, $185, and scarpe Di Bianco handmade wingtip shoe with perforations, $895, all at Rubensteins. Michael's own NOA watch from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Special thanks to Rubensteins Men's Style Awards sponsors Bombay Dry Gin, Earthsavers, Paris Parker Aveda, Premier Fitness, St. Charles Vision and Walk-Ons. Thanks to New Orleans Athletic Club for hosting our photo shoot.

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