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The Count: Mayor Mitch Landrieu's approval rating among white New Orleanians who oppose efforts to remove Confederate monuments


Source: the University of New Orleans Survey Research Center’s 2016 Quality of Life report

The report found that "among whites, approval of the mayor is largely a function of their opinions on the monument removal." Sixty-seven percent of white respondents who support their removal also approve of Landrieu's job as mayor, while 57 percent of white respondents who believe the monuments should stay disapprove of Landrieu.

  On April 6, the state Senate's Governmental Affairs Committee refused to back a bill from state Sen. Beth Mizell, R-Franklinton, that would create a committee to ensure "that no memorial, as defined in proposed law, may be removed, renamed, relocated, altered, rededicated, or otherwise disturbed." Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser argued that removing similar monuments would negatively impact tourism, while others said the decision to remove them is a symptom of "present-ism" and creates a slippery slope for examining other controversial figures. Former state Sen. Elbert Guillory also compared removing monuments to the actions of ISIS and Nazis.

  The committee voted 4-5 against the bill — all five opponents are black Democrats, while the four supporters are white Republicans. A similar measure, Republican state Rep. Thomas Carmody's House Bill 944, awaits action in the House. — ALEX WOODWARD

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