At five years old (that's 35 to you and me), Max, the laidback English bulldog at SNAP (240 Metairie Road, Metairie, 849-9988; 3326 Magazine St., 891-1212), is no stranger to the limelight. "He's a celebrity," says SNAP owner and Max's mom Jenny Carr. Most of the time, there are more customers paying attention to him than there are paparazzi, but this is not the first time that Max (short for Maximus) has appeared in the popular press. When Carr evacuated to Destin, Fla., during Hurricane Katrina, dogs were not allowed at her temporary residence, and Max had to be kenneled at a nearby veterinary clinic. Everyone who met Max was besotted, and when a Destin newspaper ran a story on evacuated pets, Max's photogenic mug was literally front-page news.

Like many charismatic characters, Max is a looker. One glance at his snaggle-toothed underbite, his pendulous jowls and his sweet, droopy eyes, and you're done for. And then there's his mellow, go-with-the-flow personality. On temperate days, he likes to stretch out across the threshold of the Metairie Road store's front door, where he can keep an eye on what's going on inside and out. Otherwise, you're likely to find him accompanying customers that he especially likes into the dressing room or taking a power nap on his bed under the counter.

Max loves his job, he loves people and he loves life. After all, his is pretty good. Every Friday, he enjoys a spa day at Metairie Small Animal Hospital, where he gets a bath and plenty of ego-stroking attention. A handsome mascot for a fashionable women's boutique (SNAP carries a collection of better contemporary lines like Rebecca Taylor, Rachel Pally and Marc by Marc Jacobs, each piece chosen to appeal to a range of ages), not to mention a media darling, has to keep up appearances.

Max is not Carr's first English bulldog. She purchased her first, a female named Isabelle, two years before Max. "Bulldogs are very sweet and very loyal," says Carr. "They love people — they're not really about hanging out with other dogs. When I bring him to the dog park, he'd rather hang out with the moms."

In July, SNAP's Metairie Road store — and Max — will move to a new location at 615 Metairie Road.

my favorite things ...

Power-napping on the job

His Portrait by Eizabeth Seago

The large, suede ottoman at SNAP's Metairie store

His Kong doggie toy

The communal courtyard of his French Quarter condo building

His star-studded leather collar from The Silver Collar Pet Boutique at Metairie Small Animal Hospital

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