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Mary Landrieu Still Polls Well

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  The WWL-TV poll by Clarus Research Group of Washington, D.C., contained a lot more information than the station had time to put on the air. Among the nuggets we dug up is an anomaly between the Democrats' overall bad fortunes this year and U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu's approval rating, which remains more positive than negative.

  Although most voters interviewed for the survey rated Congressional Democrats poorly (39 percent approval versus 48 percent disapproval), Landrieu's numbers were almost the opposite: 52 percent approved of the job she's doing compared to 40 percent disapproving. At a time when many are saying Louisiana is finally falling into line with the rest of the country in terms of political trends, those numbers offer evidence that, at least as far as Sen. Landrieu is concerned, the state retains its counter-cyclical identity.

  Landrieu won re-election two years ago with slightly less than 53 percent of the vote. — Clancy DuBos


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