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Marnie Stern with Tera Melos and Caddywhompus


Zach Hill (Hella) produced and played drums on Marnie Stern's self-titled 2010 album, the 34-year-old New Yorker's third increasingly knee-buckling release on Kill Rock Stars in the last three years. This needs no formal announcement or liner note. It's made plain within nanoseconds of the start of the first song, "For Ash," a blurred thimblerig of disguised time signatures and polysyllabic musical phrases whose cannonball percussion explodes out of the chute but shifts its emphases twice by the first wordless, nervous breakdown of a hook — Stern stabbing at and sustaining the vowels "I" and "A," eventually striking a simple yet gut-rattling couplet ("I cannot bear/ No one compares"). Nothing that follows is quite so devastating, but the nine taut, tightrope-walking tracks are still equivalent to punk playgrounds for the fantastically talented singer/guitarist. When her index-fingered heavy metal guitar riffs and ambulance-hijacking, Pat Benatar-on-an-air-horn rails hit at the same time as Hill's SWAT team of rhythms, as on B-side highlight "Cinco de Mayo," it's an overwhelming, everything-at-once, battering-ram rush. Caddywhompus opens; Tera Melos headlines. Tickets $8.50. — Noah Bonaparte Pais

Feb. 25

Marnie Stern with Tera Melos and Caddywhompus

9 p.m. Friday

The Parish at House of Blues, 229 Decatur St., 310-4999;

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