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Mark Davis: New Paintings


Trendy British artist Rachel Whiteread once called her work 'minimalism with a heart," but it's a phrase that could just as easily be applied to Mark Davis' paintings. The Mobile, Alabama-based Davis paints canvasses featuring orderly bands of translucent color that, unlike earlier minimalist efforts that suggested mechanical processes, are infused with personal and atmospheric sensibilities expressed through the discreet charm of individual brush strokes. Consequently, Davis' canvasses convey his own unique qualities of light in much the way that venetian blinds radiate the interior glow of a home when seen from the street, or even the way old brick walls sometimes appear luminous with the light of accumulated sunsets in the South " a quality his gallery dealer describes as 'a radiance that comes through and envelops the viewer in his or her own contemplation." — D. Eric Bookhardt

Through Feb. 23

Heriard-Cimino Gallery, 440 Julia St., 525-7300;


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