Mardi Gras Week 2: Schedules & Previews

Rex Duke™, the world's first and foremost parade critic, savors the final week of Carnival


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The Saints actually will go marching in this Carnival. Among the many kings and queens riding through our streets on this final week of parades will be many New Orleans Saints, including Bacchus XLII Quarterback Drew Brees, coach Sean Payton in the Orpheus procession and many Saints wives riding with the Muses.

But it's a weekend with much more to celebrate, including Valentine's Day, the tradition and grandeur of old-line krewes, the outrageous wit of satirical parades and the wholesome fun of children's tales highlighted by many krewe themes.

Below are my previews of the remaining parades with information on themes, routes, royalty and special guests.

Let us all cheer on the brightly costumed riders, grab some beads, reach for a Zulu coconut and enjoy the conclusion to a fine Carnival season.

Wednesday, Feb. 10

Location: Uptown 6:30 p.m.

Theme: Announced day of parade

Floats: 16

Archdruid: secret

Queen: none

Throws: Medallion beads, green and red doubloons.

The secretive Mystic Krewe of Druids always has a witty theme, but it isn't announced until the day of the parade. Stilt walkers add a little height to the procession.


Location: Metairie 7 p.m.

Theme: Children's Bedtime Stories

Floats: 15

King: Randy Corass

Queen: Ashley Rau

Throws: Stuffed animals

The mighty Thor shows a gentler side with floats depicting children's stories. Familiar figures and tales include Peter Pan, Cinderella, Jack and Jill and Puff the Magic Dragon. Rolling at the front of the parade are numerous Shriner motorcycle and buggy groups. The Budweiser Clydesdales add extra horsepower.



Friday, Feb. 12

Location: Uptown 6 p.m.

Theme: Announced day of parade

Floats: 28

King: Secret

Queen: Announced day of parade

Throws: Light-up theme medallions, tambourines and maracas, plush winged H's, slap bracelets

Hermes promises bright colors on refurbished floats and signature floats. Also watch for the costumed captain and lieutenants riding on horseback.


Location: Uptown 6:30 p.m.

Theme: Announced day of parade

Floats: 21

Dictator: Secret

Queen: None

Throws: Krewe playing cards, stuffed gargoyles with light-up eyes, blinking green gargoyles, pink pearls

The secretive and satirical krewe always turns up the heat on local politicians. There are new gargoyle throws being introduced this year.


Location: Uptown 7 p.m.

Theme: Morpheus Dreams of the Classics

Floats: 20

King: George Plentzas

Queen: Cindy Carringer

Throws: Plush sheep and crescent moons, light-up wands, turquoise captain's doubloons

Morpheus turns to classic children's stories and movies for its theme. Floats depict Romeo and Juliet, Mary Poppins, The Wizard of Oz, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Little Red Riding Hood.


Location: Uptown following the Krewe of Morpheus parade.

Theme: Announced day of parade

Floats: 26

King: None

Queen: None

Throws: Shoe bracelets, ivy wreath beads, light-up diamond rings, glitter tattoos, plush arrows and many more 10th anniversary throws.

Muses celebrates its 10th anniversary in grand fashion with many commemorative throws and reprises of past popular items. Special guest riders includes many wives of New Orleans Saints players and political spin maven Mary Matalin.




Location: Metairie 7 p.m.

Theme: Partying With Centurions

Floats: 18

King: David Patrick Brousse

Queen: Morgan Denise McCrory

Throws: Foam swords, stress relieving Centurion doll, doubloons in many colors

Centurions has found plenty of reasons to party. Floats include "Party Foods," "Seafood Party," "Sports Party" and "King's Party." The krewe debuts new captain's and royalty floats. The procession includes several motorcycle and horse-riding groups as well as an antique firetruck.



Saturday, Feb. 13

Location: Algiers 10:45 a.m.

Theme: 40 Years of Pastimes

Floats: 24

King: Alan Jerome Hendrix

Queen: Casey Angelle Coleman

Throws: Plush baseballs and jugg bottles, key chains, light-up Champagne glasses

N.O.M.T.O.C. marks its 40th anniversary with a salute to its favorite pastimes, including baseball, basketball and canoeing. Celebrity guest riders include local TV meteorologist Damon Singleton and New Orleans Saints wide receivers Devery Henderson and Robert Meachem.


Location: Uptown 11 a.m.

Theme: Children's Classics

Floats: 27

King: John J. Kramer

Queen: Jacklyn L. Gondrella

Throws: Umbrellas, plush sunflowers, sunglasses, coasters, light-up wands, ceramic Iris beads and bracelets

Iris has its eyes on "Children's Classics." Floats feature Pinocchio, Cinderella, Babar the Elephant, Treasure Island, Aladdin and Snow White.


Location: Uptown Noon

Theme: Tucks Faces Reality

Floats: 26

King: Steve Long

Queen: Kay Wittenberg

Throws: Golf towels, squirting toilets, toilet paper, Tucks dolls, toy plungers and koozies

Tucks puts its own satirical spin on reality TV. Some semi-familiar episodes include "Bridezilla in Da Parish," "Survivor: New Orleans," "Pimp My Streetcar" and "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" in a tribute to the Army Corps of Engineers. The cast of Hot Tub Time Machine will ride in the krewe's hot tub float. The krewe will try to set a Guinness world record for the number of mini-muffulettas thrown during the parade.


Location: Mid-City 4:15 p.m.

Theme: Abracadabra

Floats: 28

King: Patrick Russo

Queen: Kelly Giardina

Throws: Fleur de lis light-up medallions, flying discs, Tom Benson cups, umbrellas and doubloons, and foam and stuffed penguins

Endymion is brewing up some magic for this year's parade. Floats celebrate the "Cup of Comus" and master magician "Nicola the Great." Grand Marshal Tom Benson is joined by wife Gayle, Rita Benson LeBlanc and several Saints players. Penguin throws honor a penguin born at the Audubon Institute last year on the day of the krewe's parade. Some of the proceeds from those krewe items go to the Audubon Institute.


Location: Metairie 6:30 p.m.

Theme: Tell Me a Story

Floats: 18

King: Jonathan Holmes

Queen: Kristine Connell

Throws: Isis genie doll, purses, pink and black footballs, hand-decorated flip-flops and flip-flop beads

The court of the Krewe of Isis appear as figures from the tale of the Arabian Nights, but krewe floats will tell many stories, including those of Humpty Dumpty, Mary Mary Quite Contrary and the Gingerbread Man. Flip-flop throws are not only hand-decorated but wearable as well. The krewe features its first mother and son royals.



Sunday, Feb. 14

Location: Uptown 10:15 am

Theme: Announced day of parade

Floats: 20

King Sargon: Secret

Queen: Emily Montgomery

Throws: Babylon backpacks, light-up jester beads and Flying discs, jester hats and krewe poster

Since 1940, the krewe has followed the Carnival tradition of secrecy. Watch for the king's mule-drawn float, a redone officer's streetcar and jester throws honoring the group's origins as the Jester's Club.


Location: Uptown 11 a.m.

Theme: Would You Be Mine?

Floats: 16

King: Robert W. Pfister

Queen: Martha Elizabeth Dart

Throws: Boas, stuffed animals and a king's doubloon

Okeanos aims to charm paradegoers on St. Valentine's Day with floats titled "Let's Get Lucky," "Let Me Wine You and Dine You," and a sure winner, "Let's Go to a Saints Game."


Location: Uptown 11:45 a.m.

Theme: Mid-City Gets Lucky

Floats: 18

King: Brian Frederick Thumm

Queen: Nicole Jean Godejohn-Baird

Throws: Krewe emblem logo dice, stress-relieving hearts, flying discs, "Got Foil?" items, T-shirts

The Krewe of Mid-City tries its luck with this parade. Floats feature "Lucky Dogs," "Lady Luck," "Luck of the Draw" and the "Pot of Gold" at the end of the rainbow. The krewe is known for decorating its floats with foil and there is a line of throws emblazoned with the question "Got Foil?"


Location: Uptown Noon

Theme: Thoth's All Mixed Up

Floats: 42

King: David Dallimore

Queen: Suzanne Corpora

Throws: Stuffed hearts, stuffed olives, many different types of doubloons

Thoth will be the toast of Carnival with this cocktail-themed parade. Floats will serve up white Russians, mai tais, zombies and Caribbean rum punches. The procession includes 10 horse-riding groups as well as stilt walkers.


Location: Uptown 5:15 p.m.

Theme: Love Is In the Air

Floats: 32

Bacchus: Drew Brees

Queen: None

Throws: Plush hearts and roses, Drew Brees black and gold doubloons.

Love will definitely be in the air as Bacchus combines a Valentine's Day theme with the draw of Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Floats feature many different kinds of love stories, including Romeo and Juliet, Honeymoon in Vegas, Sweet 16, Cupid, I Love Lucy and "Sea of Love." Brees will be joined by fellow Saints players, and he will toss black and gold toy footballs.


Location: Metairie 5:30 p.m.

Theme: Name That Tune

Floats: 24

King: Ronald Paulin

Queen: Cindy Paulin

Throws: Napoleon head medallions, flying discs, toy footballs, 35th anniversary doubloons.

Popular love songs inspire Napoleon's 35th anniversary. Tunes include "Suspicious Minds," "That's Amore," "Love Shack," and the Carnival anthem "If Ever I Cease to Love." New Orleans Zephyr mascots Boudreaux and Clotile ride in the parade.



Monday, Feb. 15

Location: Uptown 5:15 p.m.

Theme:The Mythology of Astrology

Floats: 20

King: Secret

Queen: Announced day of parade

Throws: Light-up beads, pearls, glass beads, plush seahorses.

Proteus recalls its 1910 parade celebrating astrology. The 2010 theme relates mythology to astrology, so the Greek perception of constellations will be illustrated on the floats. Some examples include Taurus the Bull, Sagittarius the Archer, Aries the Ram and Polaris the North Star.


Location: Uptown 6 p.m.

Theme: Delectable Delights

Floats: 30

Celebrity guests: Sean Payton, Steve Zahn, Taylor Dayne and Paul Mainieri

Throws: Plush spears and footballs, LED light-up beads

Orpheus hits the sweet spot with floats depicting popular desserts such as Russian tea cakes, red velvet cake, cherries jubilee and Moon Pies. Guest riders include New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton and LSU baseball coach Paul Mainieri. Mystery riders include contestants from an upcoming season of Top Chef.


Location: Metairie 6:30 p.m.

Theme: Popular Personalities

Floats: 24

King: Samuel Theodore Alcus III

Queen: Ashley Elizabeth Spansel

Throws: Zeus footballs, Rickey Jackson cups, pink, gold and silver doubloons.

Some of the popular real and fictional figures featured on Zeus floats include Lucille Ball, the Pope, John Wayne and Cinderella. Former New Orleans Saints standout Rickey Jackson will ride as a celebrity guest.



Tuesday, Feb. 16

Location: Uptown 8:15 a.m.

Theme: Zulu's Travel Destinations Around the World

Floats: 27

King: Jimmie L. Felder

Queen: Ilana "Chrissy" Felder-Jefferson

Throws: Decorated coconuts, medallion beads.

Zulu lines up early on Fat Tuesday for a parade featuring travel spots from around the globe. Miss Black Louisiana Dominique Melder will ride as a special guest. New this year is a float for krewe children to ride.


Location: Uptown 10 a.m.

Theme: Fables of Fire and Flame

Floats: 26

King: Announced Lundi Gras

Queen: Announced Lundi Gras

Throws: New Boeuf Gras float

Rex stokes the flames of myth and history and science in this spectacle of a parade. Floats depict Prometheus, who stole fire from the gods; Aurora Borealis, the northern lights named for the Roman goddess of the dawn; the Phoenix and the Roman emperor Nero.


Location: Metairie 10 a.m.

Theme: Love is in the Air

Floats: 30

King: David Sherman

Queen: Meredith Cherhardy

Throws: Stuffed animals and cups and doubloons with Rachael Ray's image.

Valentine's Day will have passed but love will still be in the air. Floats honor the lovers' holiday and titles include "Love Potion No. 9" and "Prisoner of Love." The Food Network sweetheart Rachael Ray rides as celebrity grand marshal.



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