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Mardi Gras 2018: parades for Sunday, Feb. 11

Okeanos, Mid-City, Thoth, Bacchus, Napoleon, Athena and Pandora


11 a.m.
Theme: Travel with Okeanos
Floats: 21
King: R. Marcus Vennart
Queen: Kailey Ragus
Throws: teal crawfish trays, bracelets, cups and doubloons
Vince Vance rides as grand marshal in a parade with a travel theme. Floats depict Paris, Venice, New York, Miami, Egypt, Africa, Ireland and Hawaii.

11:45 a.m.
Theme: Mid-City Touring Company
Floats: 17
King: Eric Robert Baird
Queen: Tori J'nae Wright
Throws: T-shirts, plush fleur-de-lis, vinyl stress dolls, potato chips, koozies, footballs, throwing discs, sunglasses, cups
The krewe's unique foil-decorated floats celebrate New Orleans landmarks and traditions. Float titles include "Friday Night Football," "Hoodoo on the Bayou" and "Let's Rock N Bowl."

Theme: That's the Way We Roll
Floats: 38
King: Joe Lacefield
Queen: Erin Bowen
Throws: fedoras, pillows, fidget spinners and doubloons
The parade theme plays on the word roll, with the floats "Rolling Cuban Cigars" and "Roll Up Your Sleeves." Luther Kent rides as grand marshal.

4:30 p.m.
Theme: Napoleon's Time Machine
Floats: 22
Emperor: Milton Lackey
Empress: Rhonda Holder
Throws: various cups, doubloons and beads
The time-travel theme includes floats featuring Vikings, Native Americans and the invention of railroad trains. Jefferson Parish Councilman Dominick Impastato serves as grand marshal.

5:15 p.m.
Theme: Golden Anniversary
Floats: 32
Bacchus: J.K. Simmons
Throws: lighted yo-yos, rings, bracelets, footballs, Baccha- gator travel pillows, golden box- ing gloves, doubloons in various shapes and pirate-themed items including hooks, eye patches and bandanas
Bacchus marks its 50th anniversary by introducing two signature floats: the four-section Bacchaneer and the three-section Bacchakong Family, which replaces its three separate riderless Kong floats. Theme floats marking the golden anniversary include "Bacchus' Golden Vineyard," "Golden Gloves" and "Golden Records."

5:30 p.m.
Theme: Hidden Figures
Floats: 20
King: Don C. Lawhorn
Queen: Martresaca Jackson Howard
Throws: fedoras, plush owls, umbrellas, makeup bags, necklaces and medallion beads
Rapper Mia X rides as grand marshal in a parade saluting women heroes. Floats honor Leah Chase, Ruby Bridges, Sojourner Truth, Sacagawea, Lena Horne and others.

6:30 p.m.
Theme: announced day of parade
Floats: 15
Queen: Allison Hjortsberg
Throws: hand-decorated boxes, box-shaped doubloons, plush spears, lighted items and cups
The krewe formed by the leadership of the Nyx parade returns after not parading in 2017. Many throws are based on the krewe's symbol, Pandora's box.

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Mardi Gras 2018: parades for Sunday, Feb. 11
Okeanos, Mid-City, Thoth, Bacchus, Napoleon, Athena and Pandora

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