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Mardi Gras 2018: parades for Friday, Feb. 9

Hermes, d'Etat, Morpheus and Centurions


6 p.m.
Theme: New Orleans Arts and Letters
Floats: 30
King: secret
Queen: announced at krewe ball
Throws: tricentennial theme medallions, various doubloons and many lighted items, including plush footballs and krewe emblems on lanyards
The celebration of New Orleans history focuses on writers and artists, with floats depicting John James Audubon, William Faulkner, John Kennedy Toole, Clementine Hunter and George Rodrigue. The procession includes marching bands from Talladega and Concordia colleges and the University of West Alabama. The krewe introduces the first plush storybook throw.

6:30 p.m.
Theme: announced day of parade
Floats: 26
Dictator: secret
Throws: blinking Dictator and High Priest beads, plush Dictator's pillows, lighted femur bones, krewe logo throwing discs, lighted glitter bounce balls, lighted shot glass beads, riding crops, doubloons and cups with new 3-D images
The krewe delivers a satirical parade with float themes taking jabs at local and national current events. Two dance teams, the all-male Dancin' Dawlins, and all-female N'Awlins Nymphs, also parody topical subjects. Signature units include the Dictator's Royal Navy float and the Dictator's Banana Wagon and High Priest's Candy Wagon.

7 p.m.
Theme: Treasures of the Sea
Floats: 17
King: Anton "Peter" Yrle
Queen: Betsy Anne Fischer
Throws: lighted balls, swords, bracelets, throwing discs, doubloons and cups
The nautical theme is illustrated with floats depicting Moby Dick and Lady of the Lake. Guests from Magnolia School ride "The Pearl" float.

7 p.m.
Theme: Morpheus Goes Wild
Floats: 24
King: Blake Erskin
Queen: Brittanie Breaux
Throws: moon bobble heads, doubloons in 12 colors, sheep-shaped doubloons, teddy bears and plush animals, sheep and moons
The theme rounds up an array of wild creatures with floats featuring the zoo, alligators, turkeys, frogs, snakes and lizards. The parade's 16 marching bands represent five states.

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Mardi Gras 2018: parades for Friday, Feb. 9
Hermes, d'Etat, Morpheus and Centurions

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N.O.M.T.O.C., Iris, Tucks, Edymion and Isis

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