Mardi Gras 2017: parades for Monday, Feb. 27

Proteus and Orpheus are set to roll


5:15 p.m.
Theme: Der Ring des Nibelungen
Floats: 20
King: secret
Queen: announced day of parade 
Throws: seahorse medallion beads, plush fish and seahorses, doubloons, cups, bracelets and lighted tridents, flambeaux and beads
The krewe celebrates Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle, and floats depict its famous pieces, "Flight of the Valkyries," "Rhinegold" and "The Destruction of Valhalla." The krewe also has replicated its 1882 king's float.

6 p.m.
Theme: On the Wave of a Dream
Floats: 38
Monarchs: Will Forte, Jimmi Simpson and Evan Rachal Wood
Throws: hats, glitter masks, dream catchers, lighted Orpheus organ pillows, train whistles, harmonicas, doubloons and theme cups
Orpheus' theme draws on references to dreams in literature and popular culture, with floats titled "A Midsummer Night's Dream," "Visit From the Sandman" and "Visions of Sugarplums." Bret Michaels rides as a guest, and the procession includes the lighted creatures of Lightwire Theater and the Krewe des Fleurs. The design for theme cups was contributed by YAYA artists.

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