Mardi Gras 2011

The parades, the routes, the beer, the food, and all the info you need for the first week of Carnival

Parade spectators grab for beads during the Bacchus parade. - PHOTO BY CHERYL GERBER
Rex Duke™, the world's first and foremost parade critic, previews the first weekend of Carnival parades.

With Fat Tuesday falling in the second week of March, Rex Duke™, Carnival's foremost parade critic, has had plenty of time to get excited about Mardi Gras. The pageantry finally kicks off this week as krewes take to the streets throughout the New Orleans area.

Get ready to pick a parade spot with his previews below. There is information on krewes, floats, bands, honored royalty, guest riders, routes and more. Enjoy!


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Friday, February 25



Time: 6 p.m.

Location: Uptown

Theme: The Best of Broadway

Floats: 18King Shango: Kenneth Errol Johnson Sr.Queen Oshun: Kiefe Marie Miles

Throws: Krewe cups, lighted Oshun peacock and Oshun medallion beadsOshun lights up St. Charles Avenue with its Best of Broadway theme. Watch for floats celebrating hits including The Color Purple and Cats. WVUE-TV Fox 8 anchor Nancy Parker is slated to ride along with local favorite Al "Carnival Time" Johnson.



Time: 6:30 p.m.

Location: West Bank

Theme: Egyptian Treasures

Floats: 14Cleopatra: Kyla Clement Diehl

Throws: Cleocatra dolls, emblem beads and light up beadsCleopatra honors Egyptian mythology and landmarks. Floats feature the ancient cities of Memphis and Alexandria, the Valley of the Kings and Egyptian gods and goddesses including Sekhmet (the lioness/warrior goddess) and Ma'at (the feathered goddess of truth and order). One prized throw will be the cat-headed doll Bastet, Egypt's popular feline goddess.


The St. Augustine High School Marching 100 parades during Carnival. - PHOTO BY CHERYL GERBER


Time: 7 p.m.

Location: Metairie

Theme: A Knight of Rock 'N' Roll

Floats: 20King Arthur: Michael YenniQueen Guenevere: Michelle Swanner

Throws: Wooden shields, medieval hats, fiberoptic light-up beadsThe knights and ladies of Excalibur pull out all the stops for their 10th anniversary parade. The rock 'n' roll theme highlights musicians including the Beach Boys, Cher, Madonna and Michael Jackson, and Bag of Donuts ride as guests. Riders' tunics each reflect the float's title. Throws commemorating the anniversary include a jukebox bead, shields hand-decorated by members, and crowns and medieval caps for children.



Time: 7:30 p.m.

Location: Metairie

Theme: Atlas Travels Time

Floats: 15King: announced at parade timeQueen: announced at parade timeNamed for the Greek god who holds the world on his shoulders, the Krewe of Atlas travels through time in its parade. Floats depict famous events and faraway places.Saturday, February 26



Time: 11 a.m.

Location: West Bank

Theme: It's All Elementary

Floats: 18Chief: Darren M. LaurentPrincess: Kathie Sanchez MilletThe Krewe of Choctaw has paraded for more than three-quarters of a century, and on occasion embarked on river parades. It honors that tradition with a steamboat ride event a week prior to the parade. On the route, its throws are themed to match its Native American lore.



Time: 11:45 a.m.

Location: West Bank

Theme: Childhood Memories

Floats: 14Adonis XIII: Brian RobertQueen Adonis XIII: Tiffany Nicole Smith

Throws: Krewe cups and kooziesAdonis revels in Childhood Memories. Krewe floats depict children's literature and fairy tales including Treasure Island, Charlotte's Web and Little Red Riding Hood.


Poseidon helms a float rolling down St. Charles Avenue. - PHOTO BY DAVID RAE MORRIS


Time: 2 p.m.

Location: Uptown

Theme: Can You Name That Ball?

Floats: 15King: Lt. Joseph Denton Wright IIIQueen: Alexandra Grace Simpson

Throws: Krewe cups, three-dimensional medallion grouper beads and Pontchartrain footballs.Pontchartrain loves to play word games, and there's usually a bit of a riddle to the title. Rex Duke™ offers the clue that this year's floats include Powerball, Lucille Ball and Ball and Chain. The procession features a U.S. Marine Corps Band as well as the freewheeling Big Easy Rollergirls.



Time: 6 p.m.

Location: Metairie

Theme: When I Grow Up

Floats: 27Emperor: Michael FalgoutEmpress: Heather Miranne

Throws: Felt spears, battle axes, light-up beads, stuffed tigersCaesar is planting ideas with a parade featuring professions children might want to be when they grow up, including astronaut, judge, construction worker and New Orleans Saint. Former Saint Morten Andersen and pro-golfer Fuzzy Zoeller will ride in the parade, as well as a costumed contingent of Smurfs. Caesar's largesse is marked by its unique neon-lit collars on krewe royalty.



Time: 6 p.m.

Location: Uptown

Theme: I Write the Songs

Floats: 16King: Announced day of paradeQueen: Laura Hutton Chapman

Throws: Multi-medallion beads, cups, koozies, plush swords, glass beads, light-up medallion beads and a new Sparta mystery throw.In tune with its theme, Sparta floats feature Elvis, Ike and Tina Turner and the Beach Boys. Among the traditional elements in the procession are the mule-drawn Spartan helmet minifloat and flambeaux. Special throws include the Sparta Gazette, parade posters distributed from the prince and princess' float.



Time: 6:45 p.m.

Location: Uptown

Theme: It's All Greek to Me

Floats: 17King: Walter Leger IIIQueen: Arita M.L. Bohannan

Throws: Light-up medallion beads, gel-figure light-up hammer, doubloonsPygmalion celebrates all things ancient and Greek. Floats depict heroes such as Hercules, the goddess Aphrodite, the city-state Sparta and the legend of Pandora. Doubloon collectors should note there are special doubloons for the royalty and a black captain's doubloon. Pygmalion Fest, following the parade at Generations Hall, is open to the public.Sunday, Feb. 27


Comedian Harry Shearer marched as king of the Krewe Delusion in 2010. - PHOTO BY CHERYL GERBER


Time: Noon

Location: West Bank

Theme: Alla's Superfriends

Floats: 23King: Bryan AdamsQueen: Lindsay Leman

Throws: Plush spears and fleur-de-lis, seven different colored doubloons, special cups from Allagator and Coon-Ass floatsAlla is in league with the Superfriends. Floats feature famous comic book heroes including the Incredible Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man, and there is a Justice League float. The massive procession features more than 20 marching bands, including St. Augustine High School, Tulane University and a U.S. Marine Corps, as well as eight equestrian units and more. New Orleans Saints join the Sunshine Kids as guest riders.



Time: Noon

Location: Uptown

Theme: Broadway on Parade

Floats: 20King: William Taylor IIIQueen: Andre'a Michelle Foote

Throws: Doubloons, captain's doubloons, krewe cupsJoin Carrollton as the krewe takes Broadway to the streets. Carrollton revives greats such as Beauty and the Beast, Damn Yankees and Fiddler on the Roof. Mounted riding lieutenants offer a special captain's doubloon.



Time: 1:15 p.m.

Location: Uptown

Theme: Floating Down Da Nile

Floats: 22King Arthur XXXIV: Dr. Jacob Philip BitounQueen Guinevere: Ashley Marie Catherine Robichaux

Throws: Plush swords and dragonsKing Arthur's knights set out for the distant lands of Egypt. The theme Floating Down Da Nile is illustrated by floats depicting King Tut, Cleopatra and the feline goddess Bastet and others.


Entertainer Becky Allen is famous for her elaborate Mardi Gras getups. - PHOTO BY CHERYL GERBER


Time: 2 p.m.

Location: Metairie

Theme: Memorable Musicals

Floats: 20King: Maurizio FrancesconQueen: Tania Hunter

Throws: Ruby colored cupsFor its 40th anniversary, Rhea celebrates family ties. The Captain has members of four generations of her family riding in the procession. Appropriate to the anniversary, ruby is the key to specialty throws, particularly krewe cups. The theme recalls famous musicals, including Viva Las Vegas, Grease and Show Boat.



Time: 3 p.m.

Location: Metairie

Theme: The Bucket List

Floats: 14King: Steve Campo

Throws: Stuffed animals, long beadsThor moves its parade to Sunday and offers viewers a peek at its Bucket List. Among the things the krewe aims to check off the list: "To Be a Ringmaster in the Circus," "To Take a Ride in a Hot Air Balloon" and "To Take a Trip to South America."

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