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Lunch Lines


Add free- and reduced-price school lunches to the list of things some conservatives opposed because they would inevitably take America down the road to socialism. That historical note is not as laughable as the Reagan administration classifying ketchup as a vegetable serving (not a bowl of ketchup, a small condiment-sized portion) in school lunches, but that's some of the contentious history of feeding children with tax money. Lunch Line follows Chicago students who entered a challenge to create a healthy school lunch spending only as much as the school program does. It touches on current efforts to balance cost, nutrition and health concerns within governmental policy constraints. The film also includes a history of the federal government's establishment of the program and its complicated politics and at times unconventional alliances, involving schools, anti-hunger advocates and agricultural policies. The history is dramatized in animation co-opting the Twilight series' scheme of vampires and werewolves, but it's a compelling account nonetheless. The screening is part of the release party for Edible New Orleans' fall issue. Admission $10. — Will Coviello

Sept. 16

Lunch Line

6:30 p.m. Thursday

The Eiffel Society, 2040 St. Charles Ave.;

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